No more customer data breaches, fraud or false positives

Nuggets hugely reduces the regulatory and reputation risks of data breaches. It also cuts losses from fraud, false positives and fraudulent chargebacks. And increases revenue. All with the privacy and security of blockchain.

Reduce fraud

Cut fraud

$24.26 billion lost to card and identity fraud worldwide in 2018

Reduce false positives

Cut false positives

$331 billion lost or passed up through false positives worldwide in 2018

Reduce fraudulent chargebacks

Cut fraudulent chargebacks

These make up 42% of retail fraud losses

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No personal information held by Merchant or PSP

No more vulnerable databases

Merchants and PSPs no longer have to hold customer data – so it can’t be breached

Modular Integration

Age Verification

Verify and validate customers' age

Agnostic and cross-platform


Available on Android and iOS, and across mobile, desktop and multiplatform

Next-gen authentication

Blockchain technology keeps your details private when you use Nuggets to login, pay or verify your ID.

  • single sign-on with biometrics
    Single sign-on with biometrics

    One biometric verification. No more usernames or passwords at any level.

  • Verify your ID in moments
    Verify your ID in moments

    The simple way to prove you’re you. No more security questions.

  • Secure payment methods
    Choose your payment method

    Use existing methods like cards and cryptocurrency.

Next-gen authenticationNext-gen authenticationNext-gen authentication-1

Zero-trust networks and reputation through proof of good transactions

Our technology will eradicate the risks associated with data breaches.

No more risk assessment and credit checks

No more risk assessments and credit checks

Nuggets users are verified, and then build their reputation as they complete good transactions. This proves they’re good actors, and their payment methods are good

More transactions

More transactions

Trusted and verified transactions mean more payments go through, with more peace of mind for you

Customize experiences using anonymous behavioural data

Customize experiences

Use anonymous behavioural data to give customers what they want, while protecting their privacy and security

Nuggets has many uses

Single sign-on biometrics

Single sign-on with biometrics

One biometric verification. No more usernames or passwords at any level.

Secure payments

Payments: simple, private and secure

Customers can use various methods, including credit and debit cards or cryptocurrency. Without handing over personal data.

Customer verification

Verified two-way communication

Customers can be assured you’re genuine, and can confirm their identity to you.