What our customers say about us

"Perfect identity management solution."

– G2 review, July 2023

Nuggets helped us with their decentralised identity management solution.

It helped us with a password vault, a mobile authentication solution, and an ongoing R&D project to implement blockchain benefits into our existing infrastructure.

"One of the best apps for decentralised transactions."

– G2 review, May 2024

I use Nuggets for DeFi crypto payments.

Nuggets provides double-layer protection for secure crypto payments, and integration with various crypto wallets is easy. It's a good application for preventing fake transactions.

"Ultimate identity management tool."

– G2 review, October 2023

Nuggets protects from identity and information theft attacks, and allows users to minimise the information shared to third-party applications.

It provides a secure and convenient way for us to manage payments and digital identities, reducing time, effort and tension around data theft.

"Easy to use and helpful in systemising work.”

– G2 review, December 2023

Nuggets has a very user-friendly UI, which makes user adoption and integrating multiple business processes onto it easy.

It helps us provide cutting-edge security for all users and easily adopt new modifications.