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Gold Winner:

"Best Mobile Authentication Solution" Juniper Research Telco Innovation Awards 2023

Juniper Research Telco Innovation Awards 2023


"Consumer Encryption Solution of the Year" CyberSecurity Breakthrough 2022

CyberSecurity Breakthrough 2022


BusinessCloud’s RegTech 50 ranking for 2022

RegTech 50


Juniper Research - Key Opportunities, Vendor Strategies & Market Forecasts 2021-2030

Juniper Research


"Representative Vendor" at 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation



Most Disruptive Retail Technology & ‘Alternative Payments Award, 2021

Retail Systems Awards


Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab London 2021

accenture fil


Best Use of Blockchain in Financial Services, 2020

emerging payments awards


Security Innovation of the Year

payments awards 2020


Female FinTech Competition 2020 held by Atos, Deutsche Bank, Google & TechQuartier, 2020

deutsche bank


Mobile Innovation of the Year, 2020

retail systems awards


Unicorn Challenge, 2020

women in payments


Entrepreneur of the Year, 2020

Booking Tech Playmaker Awards


Best Innovation in Security Management, 2019

fdata awards


Blockchain Project of the Year, 2019



Innovation Award, 2019

women in payments


Anti-Fraud or Security Solution of the Year, 2018

payments awards 2018


100 FinTech Disrupters

business cloud


The UK's ‘Top 32' Fintech leaders

business leader

Nuggets enables trusted transactions through verified self-sovereign decentralized identity

Whether you’re a bank, subscription service, telco or logistics company, Nuggets self-sovereign decentralized identity helps you deliver on your regulatory expectations while building competitive advantage. While your consumers enjoy more convenience, confidence and choice.

With Nuggets, consumers get back control of their data and you become a champion of trust.

Verified self-sovereign decentralized identity-1

Nuggets is unique

icon varified

Verified self-sovereign decentralized identity

self-sovereign decentralized identity & Payments Company

Trusted payments

icon user owned

Personal cloud vault

self-sovereign decentralized identity & Payments Company

Auditable nuggets of data

Verified self-sovereign decentralized identities

Nuggets ties every transaction to a verified self-sovereign decentralized identity. This means the customer is verified as legitimate before they even connect to the service. This is a gold standard in digital identity, through private, secure proof of transactions.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and a frictionless alternative to 3DS2

Trusted payments

Nuggets ties every payment to a verified digital identity, preventing fraudsters from compromising identities online. Payment providers and merchants save money from reduced fraud, as well as delivering all the payment options customers want.

Next-gen authentication-1

Personal cloud vault

Every customer has a tamper-proof personal cloud vault, so they can manage their own digital identity and verifiable credentials.

Personal cloud vault

Auditable nuggets of data

We use self-sovereign auditable nuggets, enabling customers to grant you access for regulatory and auditing purposes. So you don’t have to store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data anymore.

Auditable nuggets of data

Sebastian Quinn

CEO Yieldly

We’re working hard to expand the Algorand ecosystem, and yLaunch is the latest pillar in that mission. We know a successful platform will solve the dual needs of privacy and safety for the yLaunch users. Nuggets’ world-class ID infrastructure layer will allow yLaunch to do just that.

James Young

Founder and CEO Collab.Land

Giving users control of their online reputation and allowing them to go beyond the confines of centralized platforms fits perfectly with that goal. Reputation and community can unlock many opportunities in Web3, from DAO participation through to content moderation.

Steve Elliot

MD of LexisNexis Risk Solutions UK & Ireland

It’s really exciting to think that innovations like these could help reduce the increasing prevalence of large scale breaches of consumers’ personal data.

Ian Vidamour

Director of Latpay

Our collaboration with Nuggets, and our integration of their blockchain technology, tightened security around the storage of personal information.

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